The Atelier Haute Couture Narrative

The “Atelier” Haute Couture collection is the designer’s proposal for breathtaking appearances that every woman will choose to tell her own story and present herself in her most special moments. Handcrafted creations made of precious materials such as silk organza and satin, delicate laces and tulles, come to life in the colors of the Spectrum. The sensation of weight dissolves, the lusciousness in design is preserved, all while the wonderful feel of the luxurious materials creates dresses that you don’t want to part with….Each idea revolves around a specific theme, motivated by memories and causes, characterized by the simplicity of substantial design.


Opulence Haute Couture Show

The Opulence Collection Haute Couture Show was a dazzling display of luxury and artistry. With each meticulously crafted garment, it transported the audience into a world of opulence, where exquisite fabrics, intricate detailing, and visionary design merged seamlessly. The runway came alive with a symphony of colors,textures, and silhouettes, showcasing the pinnacle of haute couture craftsmanship in a captivating celebration of fashion as an art form.